Thank you and farewell for now..

Hello All you fabulous ScriptReadEaster’s who have followed our progress over the years ( since 2011) . We have grown, changed , added and taken away and have held many memorable live script-reading events with the additions of a live compere and live music . We have been very lucky to have so many talented people involved that have made these successful events , the actors and the  ScriptReadEast actor family , the musicians , the compere’s, the photographers  and the writers,  but also the live audience who have taken their time to write valid comments on each of the new work presented and added to the development of the scripts being read .

After almost a year of deliberating on the next steps for ScriptReadEast , I have decided I will not be proceeding any further with live script- reading events . ScriptReadEast may appear in the future but as something a little different but for now its farewell as I give my time to pastures new ( forgive the cliche ) and use the time to develop my own writing.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved and supported ScriptReadEast . If you want to get in touch in the meantime you can email

Sophie Critchlow