If you were unfortunate enough to miss April’s event (you poor thing) you missed out on laughter, tears and some of the freshest writing talent in East London…

First and foremost, we want to give a big hand to our compere, the fabulous Mr Blair, for giving us a giggle and raise a glass to Sophie Burrows who left us speechless with a sweet acoustic set.

Whenever we receive new script submissions, we’re always looking for something fresh, inspiring and witty but most of all a story that whips us up into the nitty-gritty of its characters, which is exactly what these two ladies managed to do…

First up, was Fiona O’Malley’s Goodbye Mrs Robinson, a twisted tale that hailed to the black comedy talents of writer/director Martin Mcdonagh. Following orphaned brother and sister Connor and Aoife trying to claim money from their foster mother’s life insurance and break free of the miserable memories of Mrs Robinson.

We polished off the afternoon with Melody Schroeder’s The Lock-In, which followed tough guy Dean and history teacher Luke after a pub brawl. Schroeder’s way with words had our audience gripped and we bet none of you saw that plot twist coming…

As always a huge thank you to all of those whose efforts went into the event – including our ever-talented troupe of actors, our guest writers and the staff at Rich Mix. Keep your eyes peeled for our next event…

Credit for all photography goes to Sonia Sharma.


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