ScriptReadEast – Tomorrow live in Dalston at The Vortex Jazz Club , 3pm-5.30pm £5 entry

and funny man hosting Mr Blair , lots of actors new to ScriptReadEast plus 3 , yes 3 scripts to be read to you the live audience. Come down , grab a drink , hear some great stories , write your comments , chat , network .. what more can you want from a Sunday …

The Vortex Jazz Club
11 Gillett Square
London N16 8AZ

A lively bunch of scripts to be read by our talented actors, keeping you entertained and wanting more! We’re happy to welcome back talented funny man MR BLAIR who will be hosting the show.

Kicking off with short theatre script by Sacha Ackland ‘The Walls have ears’

‘Secrets from the past are brought into focus when a mother, Lena, and her daughter, Esme, move to an old country house. Ghosts of the past haunt the house – do they have malicious intent? Or do they serve just to remind us of things that ought not be forgotten?’

Coming of age theatre script Cabbage’ by Keshia Watson.Katrina Brown has a dream. Save Money. Fly to New York, be a writer. Life in ‘the ends’ is hard on a dreamer, she has responsibilities, namely a family consisting of Granddad, a reformed alcoholic and born again Christian, Tasha her impressionable younger sister and Mother, battling depression.  A story of love, family and culture.’

A nostalgic look at the ‘80’s,boy’s coming of age story, 1985’ by Peter Lowe.‘PHILIP born 1968 at the time Manchester United beat Benfica to win the European Cup. Living with his sister and abandoned by his mother, Philip’s favourite pastime is reggae music. determined to be an MC and follow in the footsteps of his hero’s SMILEY CULTURE and the UK BUBBLERS. ‘


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