ScriptReadEast @ My 80’s Thatcher Years & Don’t Mention the 47 Exhibition

ScriptReadEast @ My 80's Thatcher Years & Don't Mention the 47 Exhibition

DATE FOR YOUR DIARIES -MAY 12TH , RICH MIX, 3pm-5.30pm -As part of ‘The Thatcher Years ‘ exhibition’, at The Rich Mix ScriptReadEast have a themed event, with scripts responding to political issues and events during the 80’s.
Kicking off with David Riaz Zaiman’s short parable ‘Dog Man’s Folly’,An unemployed, alcoholic University Lecturer. Joe,returns to his son, and pretends that he’s ‘stood up to the Thatcherite system’, ‘got on his bike’, and confronted his ex-colleagues demanding his job back, but is that the case ?’, followed by Lucy Beacon’s short ‘Acceptable in the 80’s’ ‘ a decade of homophobia, xenophobia, cold wars and cold hearts. Louise is bullied by her classmates for her unpopular liberal views. Her mother predicts a brighter future but Louise isn’t so sure.’

Barrington Paul Robinson’s screenplay ‘Track n Field’. Remember the Titans + This is England + Superbad = Track n Field. ‘Great Britain, 1985, the country is in a state of confusion, a mix of patriotism, racism and desperation. In a rundown South London comprehensive school, an unlikely team of teenagers are brought together by an unorthodox sports teacher to battle the privileged public schools in the All England Athletics Finals.’

With comedian ‘Mr Blair’ as compere and live music from Sophie Burrows, it will be an inspirational afternoon of words and music.

This is part of a programme of events around the ‘The Thatcher years’ exhibition that opens on the 2nd May for a month also celebrating Mayday.

Full details of the programme of events linked to the ‘Thatcher Years’ Exhibition & ‘Don’t mention the 47’ Film can be found at
Photo : Rehana Meghji
Actors : Joyce Veheary,Rosin Keogh , Matthew Jure, Natalie Mills, Nick Ewan
Website –
Twitter – @scriptreadeast


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